5 Ways to Improve Lacrosse Practices

Your role as a coach is to motivate your players, especially during long practices. One way you can accomplish this feat is by utilizing new techniques that help improve lacrosse practices. By making even little changes, you can make your practices more fun, engaging, and beneficial to your players, both on and off the field. Below, you’ll find five examples of how you can improve lacrosse practices.


1. Change Up Line Drills

Line drills are a vital part of practice, but they can also waste precious time. Players are often waiting in line or chasing after bad passes. Instead, try varying your drills to give your players more time with the ball. This will also help them improve muscle memory and keep them consistently warmed up. You can improve lacrosse practices by dividing players into smaller groups. Instead of having everyone run the drills in a large group, divide the players into groups of 3 to 5 players. This way, everyone gets more ball time.

2. Improve Motivation

Your lacrosse practices don’t have to always be about running drills and plays. Your players also need motivation. You can improve their mindsets by creating goal or motivation boards. Make them with your players, and encourage them to bring in visuals or quotes that drive them to win and be better sportsmen.

3. Honor Players Who Meet Weekly Goals

Playing a game is always more fun than practice. But, since practice improves skills, there is no getting around it. Another technique you can use to drive up excitement and motivation is by rewarding players who meet weekly goals, either on or off the field.

4. Open the Lines of Communication

As a coach, you’re in charge, but your players should also know they can come to you to talk about practice, games, or other areas of concern. Consider setting aside 10-15 minutes of practice for discussion time. Give your players a platform to have a free and open exchange of ideas.

5. Ask Players for Ideas

Your players can also be a great source on ways to improve lacrosse practices. Ask them for ideas, and try to incorporate some of them at each practice. Let your players introduce them to their teammates to encourage participation.

By incorporating one, two, or a few of the techniques listed above, your practices might become a whole different game.