3 Tips for Preparing for Lacrosse Season

Whether there’s a couple months or only a few weeks before your players take the field for their first game this year, you can never do too much preparing for lacrosse season. Getting your team ready for a successful campaign requires more than simply running through a few plays. Here are three tips for maximizing the productivity and efficiency of your preseason lacrosse activities:



1. Always start with the basics

Even if your lacrosse team is comprised of seasoned veterans, this is always where you need to start. The team likely hasn’t played for an entire off-season. Basic skill development will help every player get back in the swing. Mastering basic skills makes learning and executing advanced moves much easier (…which is why the top college teams and lacrosse pros still do seemingly beginner-level drills). Towards this end, you should include workouts honing the following skills:

• Cradling
• Hand Changes
• Scooping
• Passing
• Catching
• Shooting

2. Incorporate strength and athleticism development

As you know, strength and athleticism are critical elements of lacrosse, just as with any other contact sport. No matter how fast, strong, quick or agile a player might be, they can always work to be more powerful and athletic. You should constantly push your players to enhance their fitness before the season starts. By implementing a preseason strength and athleticism program, your players’ capacity for overwhelming opponents will skyrocket.

3. Ensure that your players are in good enough shape to play more than a full game

Successful results in lacrosse require skill and athleticism. In order to achieve this, you need to help your players improve their speed, strength and ability. However, none of those matter if your players can’t maintain high level performance for the duration of an entire match. On the other hand, if your players can sustain themselves for longer than a single competition, you have a greater chance of winning every single match. This requires having solid stamina. Exercises such as wind sprints and burpees, among other conditioning workouts, should be key parts of your team’s training regimen while preparing for lacrosse season.