Two Most Popular Lacrosse Wrap Design Trends are Polar Opposites

Like most things, trends in uniform and lacrosse helmet wraps evolve over time. We have noticed that strangely, the two most popular current trends requested by our customers are about as different from each other as you can get.

Matte Finish Lacrosse Helmet Wraps

Matte Finish

While a glossy finish has been the standard since helmet decals were first used, matte wraps have gained some serious traction in recent years. A matte finish absorbs light, rather than reflecting it, like a glossy surface does. By reducing the reflection and glare from the sun and stadium lighting, matte helmet wraps allow more design detail to be viewed from a distance.

Chrome Color Lacrosse Helmet Wraps

Chrome Colors

The popularity of matte wraps notwithstanding, shiny objects still get a lot of attention. Nothing is shinier and more reflective than helmet wraps that feature our chrome colors. Chrome colors consist of both a traditional silver chrome as well as a large palette of metallic colors. This option uses our standard glossy finish allowing the metallic sheen to reflect light showing off its brilliant color.

Regardless of which you prefer, we’ve got your back. Our in-house design team is ready to put together a wrap design that will make your team look great. Both options are constructed using the same high-end printing process and materials. Every wrap we sell is made with the same 20 mil material that allows our decals to be easily applied and last an entire season, or longer.

JackWraps® offers a full range of lacrosse decals from traditional side decals and stripes to our specialty, full custom helmet wraps. Reach out today to speak with one of our reps. We would be happy to get started on a custom design and quote for your team.