Clean Up That Lacrosse Helmet Prior to Applying Decals

Part of the typical pre-season lacrosse prep is pulling out equipment, checking everything over, and giving it a good cleaning. If you plan on applying decals or a lacrosse helmet wrap this season, it is especially important to start with a clean helmet. Last seasons, dirt, sweat, and body oil can all act as aRead More

Two Most Popular Lacrosse Wrap Design Trends are Polar Opposites

Like most things, trends in uniform and lacrosse helmet wraps evolve over time. We have noticed that strangely, the two most popular current trends requested by our customers are about as different from each other as you can get. Matte Finish While a glossy finish has been the standard since helmet decals were first used,Read More

Carroll Pioneers Get Custom Lax Decal Kits

When the Carroll University reached out to us to design decals for their helmets, we were pumped. Known as Wisconsin’s pioneer college, Carroll University was the first four-year college in the state. Founded in 1846, with only five students and two faculty members, Carroll is a school rich with history.   Rather than a fullRead More

Best Lacrosse Goalie Drills

You can try a lot of different things in order to perform better as a lacrosse goalie. However, these four lacrosse goalie drills have all been tried and tested and are designed to help you improve your reactions, agility and defense. 1. HIGH TO LOW DEFENSE DRILL This defense based drill helps you to improveRead More

Lacrosse Around (and Above) the World

Originally played by the Algonquin tribes in the St. Lawrence River Valley five centuries ago, lacrosse did not evolve as a variation of another sport from Europe or elsewhere. Today lacrosse thrives on five continents, enjoyed by an almost equal number of players of each gender. OLYMPICS: 1904 AND 1908 Lacrosse gained its first globalRead More

Best Lacrosse Field Position Tips

No two lacrosse positions are the same. Each requires a unique skill set and a specialized mindset that suits the position’s challenges. Follow these position-specific tips and your team will be on its way to meeting its full potential. MIDFIELDERS The best midfielders are quick, tough, versatile and willing to do whatever is necessary toRead More

5 up and Coming College Lacrosse Teams

College lacrosse has never been more exciting. A number of college lacrosse teams have emerged as elite squads that will be in the title mix for years to come. Let’s take a look at some of this year’s up-and-comers. FAIRFIELD UNIVERSITY In 2014, Fairfield’s lacrosse team went 12-4 under the tutelage of Andy Copelan. HisRead More