3 Lacrosse Myths

The premise of lacrosse is simple: one player must use a stick to toss a ball into a goal; the opposing players must try to prevent the goal from happening while trying to take possession of the ball themselves. However, as you know, the rules of the game are not so simple. You can enhanceRead More

3 Tips for Preparing for Lacrosse Season

Whether there’s a couple months or only a few weeks before your players take the field for their first game this year, you can never do too much preparing for lacrosse season. Getting your team ready for a successful campaign requires more than simply running through a few plays. Here are three tips for maximizingRead More

5 Ways to Improve Lacrosse Practices

Your role as a coach is to motivate your players, especially during long practices. One way you can accomplish this feat is by utilizing new techniques that help improve lacrosse practices. By making even little changes, you can make your practices more fun, engaging, and beneficial to your players, both on and off the field.Read More

Professional Athletes Advice on Getting inside Your Opponents head

Boxer Muhammad Ali was arguably the greatest trash talker in history. But even he has admitted all the famous rhymes about floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee were more about promoting fights than getting inside an opponent’s head. Modern day pugilists Mike Tyson and Floyd Mayweather, Jr. have continued this tradition, insultingRead More

How to get your Cascade R Helmet Recertified

While the Cascade R lacrosse helmet has recently been decertified, there is a process in place for recertification. The company came to an agreement with the National Operating Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE) that will rectify the situation. Cascade will make a simple modification to the helmets that are currently in the marketplaceRead More

Lacrosse Apps for Coaches

Nowadays, lacrosse coaches have some high quality apps to choose from. Let’s take a look at the best options. That can improve your team and make your practices more efficient. LAXLESSONS LaxLessons displays unique drills and plays with 3D graphics. Each play comes with a clearly written description. One can even wirelessly print 3D PDFsRead More

The Best Places to Get Second Hand Lacrosse Gear

As much fun as lacrosse is to watch, coach or play, it’s not the cheapest sport for a newcomer to take up. The gear can be expensive to buy new. Not just the lacrosse stick, or the short crosse, that everyone is familiar with, but also the helmet and pads. In boys lacrosse, the shoulderRead More

The Historical Roots of Lacrosse

The history of Lacrosse is colorful, a version of the game was played by Native American tribal groups mainly in the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence valley region over 350 years ago. This was developed as a recreational activity but it was also used to settle land disputes between tribes of the Iroquois nation. TheRead More

5 Lacrosse Teams To Keep An Eye On This Year

The 2015 Men’s NCAA lacrosse season is still a ways off, but already the experts are starting to weigh in on how they think the top teams will stack up in the new year. Here’s a quick rundown of the top five best lacrosse teams, in no particular order, as each program ramps up preparationsRead More