Questions We Get Asked A Lot

How do I install my lacrosse helmet wrap?

Cascade R


Cascade Pro7


Cascade CPX-R


More installation videos coming. We wrap helmets from all the major brands.

Why should I choose JackWraps?

That is simple, our product is awesome, our designs are awesome and our customers are awesome. JackWraps is the new brand name for Team Fitz Graphics. Since 2010, we have been wrapping helmets for collegiate, high school, club and youth programs. Our designers are easy to work with, the wraps are simple to apply and our 20 mil thick material makes our wraps the toughest in the industry. Call, email, fax, write us a letter or visit our shop, we are here for you and ready to get started. #jackwrapit

Our team uses several different helmet models. Is there a minimum order for each helmet model?

We understand that most teams don’t all have the same helmet model for every player. There is always someone with the newest (or sometimes freakishly old) helmet. As long as the total order is more than 15 helmet wraps there are no minimums per helmet model.

If our team uses several different helmet models. Will the design look different on each of them?

Your helmet is part of your uniform, like our college coach used to say, “Everyone must wear the uniform. UNI-FORM = One Form. Everyone must look the same.” To keep coach happy we make the wraps all look the same despite the different helmet models. There are some variances, but overall the look is going to be uniform.

Where can I find examples of your work?

There are several ways you can see the latest in lacrosse helmet wraps:
• Visit our Gallery of Recent Projects
• Follow us on
• Follow us on twitter @JackWraps
• Like us on
• As the JackWraps brand continues to grow, look for the JackWrap logo on wraps of the teams you play.

How long will I need to wait for my order?

Don’t worry, you’ll be turning heads on the field in no time. The design process typically takes 2 – 4 business days for an initial design concept. Once the design is approved, your JackWraps will ship within 7 – 14 business days. All design and manufacturing is done in-house, so we are ready to roll as soon as you are.

Do you offer custom designs or do I need to choose a template?

Custom designs are our specialty. We have been creating new and unique looks for schools and club teams since 2010. Feel free to specify any specific elements that you would like to see in the project details section of the contact form. We will combine our experience with your ideas to come up with something awesome that will get your team JACKED UP!

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, international shipping is available. If you live in a cool place and for the right price we will even hand deliver.

Are your helmet wraps removable?

After being durable enough to last an entire season, they are removable and will not damage your helmet. Keep in mind though, once removed, they cannot be reapplied.

Do you offer helmet wraps for other sports?

No, we currently do not offer helmet wraps for any sports other than lacrosse, but stay tuned, we have trouble sitting still and are always working on new ideas.

What file type should I use when sending you a logo?

Preferred file types are .ai, .eps or .pdf. We can also pull logos from .jpg, .png and numerous other file types. If you aren’t sure if what you have will work, send it over and we will be happy to take a look.